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Training Resources


Find books, companies, and Adobe resources that can help you to get up and running with the world’s most advanced layout application.



Adobe Support Center


The Adobe Support Center contains a wealth of information. If you are dealing with issues like installation and integration of systems, start by searching the knowledge base.



Third-Party Plug-ins


Add more capability to your Adobe InDesign® software with plug-ins available from third-party developers, custom


Another resource is PluginsWorld, a site that keeps track of plug-ins for many applications, including InDesign®, Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and Acrobat®.





No other feature — no tool, palette, or dialog box that you see in the program’s user interface — can save you as much time, trouble, and money as scripting.



Adobe Partner Finder


The Adobe Partner Finder provides descriptions and contact information for products and services offered by third-party developers.



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