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Ciudad Creativa Blog

Adobe InDesign resources and training


The official Netcast of the Latino InDesign Users. Interviews the most influential forces behind the Adobe Creative Suite, design and beyond. It is a place where technology and design converge to give the creative professional the edge needed to be successful.



InDesign Secrets Podcast

hosted by David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepción


Adobe InDesign® is taking the publishing world by storm. But if you try to find reliable information about InDesign on the web, you'll find yourself scouring Adobe's site or muddling through dozens of other sites for a tip or two. Now that you've found InDesign Secrets, it's time to stop all that muddling. Developed by page-layout guru David Blatner and "Design Geek" Anne-Marie Concepción, InDesign Secrets is your one-stop shop for all things InDesign.

iTunes: InDesign Secrets

Web: InDesign Secrets



Instant InDesign

hosted by Gabriel Powell


The Instant InDesign Video Podcast is dedicated to helping you become more productive with Adobe InDesign with a particular focus on template design and sound document construction. Created for both novices and seasoned designers, it showcases a wide range of subject matter—from basic template architecture and automating routine tasks to creating a fully automated publishing workflow.

iTunes: Instant InDesign

Web: Instant InDesign



the indesigner

hosted by Michael Murphy


Centered around InDesign, the underlying goal is to remind us all that design solutions aren’t going to present themselves in a pull-down menu. They’re in your head and your hands and your heart. But if you can get out from under all of the time-wasting and uncreative work that the “old regime” software forced us into, you can both meet your deadlines and satisfy your creative passion.

iTunes: the indesigner

Web: theindesigner



Adobe Creative Suite Podcast

hosted by Terry White


The Adobe Creative Suite podcast, with tips and tutorials by Terry White. Learn how to unlock the power and potential of the Creative Suite with the visual examples here. I'll try to cover all the products evenly, but I do have a passion for InDesign and Photoshop®.

iTunes: Adobe Creative Suite podcast

Web: Adobe Creative Suite podcast website



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