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Designing for Print:

Making Sure That What's on Paper Is What You Intended


Thursday, March 19, 2020

7-10 p.m.






Wearing both printer and designer hats, Marina Joyce sees the world of graphic design and reproduction from both sides. Designers often work on projects thinking of printing as an unproblematic end product as simple as uploading a file to a website. Not! Other designers are confident in the digital realm but feel unprepared to work in print. And still others, confident in their design skills, are disappointed by how their print projects turn out. Marina shares advice and tips gleaned from decades of working with both beginning and expert designers, as well as countless printers.


Nowadays, print isn’t just print. It’s letterpress, inkjet, digital, silkscreen, engraving and more. To know the limitations and advantages of each method can be confusing, and not knowing can be costly for designers and their clients. Marina Joyce sorts it all out in a way that makes sense to designers.


Marina has collected her 20 years of experience into a book, Designing For Print. It contains all the know-how graphic designers at any level need to work with printers and achieve the results they want. Now adopted in dozens of colleges and universities, her book is making print production courses a reality again with a state-of-the-art book. Although much of Marina’s presentation will be taken from her book, it is not substitute for her 208-page text, autographed copies of which will be available for purchase (at a LAIDUG discount).


At this meeting, you will learn:

  • How to work with printers.
  • Why you shouldn’t let your printer “fix” everything.
  • What press checks and gang runs are.
  • That proofing is more than making sure words are spelled correctly.
  • Why you need to know about paper types if you want to produce award-winning work.
  • Things that InDesign lets you do that you shouldn’t.



About the Presenter


Marina Poropat Joyce is a passionate paper geek who has been marketing, graphic designing, publishing and printing her whole life. She fell in love with design and printing early on, and founded one of the first design-to-print companies in Los Angeles. Her company, Intaglio, was ranked as one of the 50 fastest growing print companies in the country, a winner of Inc. magazine's Inner City 100 and one of Los Angeles’ top 100 women-owned companies.


She wrote the book Designing for Print to explain printing in graphic designer-speak after working with many frustrated designers who wanted to know more. Marina served on the board of the Printing Industries Association of Southern California PIASC as a board member and Chairman.



Farthest Attendee


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