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Thursday, May 21, 2020


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By Alvin Takamori


In the midst of a global pandemic which has transformed society, the Los Angeles InDesign User Group is adapting in order to keep engaging and educating its membership. On May 21, 2020 Randy Dunbar, who has published and edited numerous magazines, and teaches at The Fashion Institute of Design, graciously hosted LAIDUG's first online meeting.


The featured guest was Erica Gamet. A nearly 30 year veteran of the graphics industry, she has been speaking, writing and training with a focus on InDesign and Illustrator. She has addressed LAIDUG several times in the past. This time her presentation took us back to the basics of InDesign.


Sharing her desktop, everyone could see what she was doing. She began by setting the defaults to what she normally needs. Of course, you would set your defaults to whatever you normally need. Set your fonts, bleeds, margins, etc. before you open a document.


Among other things, Erica discussed working with color. You could load swatches from another project. You can store color palettes in the Cloud at Colors.Adobe.com. You can also use Adobe Capture to grab colors from a photograph on your phone.


Styles and Master Pages can also be imported from another document. Under Window, select Styles. You can import Paragraph Styles, Object Styles, etc. Under the Pages panel, the Master Pages selection has an option to load Master Pages from another file.


Erica also gave us a taste of how to use GREP (a term derived from the command g/re/p which meant Globally search for a Regular Expression and Print matching lines). She showed an example of the advantage of using GREP versus text in Find/Change. If you turn double spaces into a single space, you miss converting Em spaces or more than 2 spaces into a single space. A single GREP command can catch all of these.


GREP can be used to automatically convert multiple returns into a single return. You can also automate the conversion of cents into superscript. It can take the various ways that people write phone numbers and convert them into a single format. This was just a taste of what’s possible.


Erica concluded with a brief question and answer period. To learn more from Erica, go to: learn@ericagamet.com


There weren’t any raffle tickets to sell but, using a random name generator of everyone who signed up for the meeting, we found a way to distribute all the usual prizes. In addition, we gave away an extra valuable prize, a 30 roll pack of Charmin! We're keeping how we found it a secret.


The online meeting was shorter than our usual meetings and we lose the interaction between members and the snacks. However, you didn’t have to fight traffic or search for parking, and you can easily attend the meeting no matter where you live.



Special  Prize


Charmin Ultra Soft Bath Tissue. 30 rolls—Lisa Brueggemann



Raffle Prize Winners


Adobe Creative Cloud. 12 month subscription—Alan Gilbertson

GoProof from Oppolis Software. 3 month subscription for 2 users—Elma Lopez

FlightCheck from Markzware. 12 month subscription—Michelle Patino

Suitcase Fusion 8 from Extensis. 12 month subscription—Drea Caruso

Font Agent Pro from Insider Software—Ben Buenaventura

InMotion Hosting. Web hosting and free domain—Lisa Rennie

DTP Tools Cloud for InDesign. 6 month subscription—Martha Blumenthal

Adobe Stock. 15 image licenses—Tina Marsh

InDesign Magazine. 6 month subscription—David Contreras

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