Los Angeles InDesign User Group

14th Anniversary Meeting


Magazine Art Directors Talk About InDesign


Thursday, November 21, 2019

7-10 p.m.


Veterans Memorial Building


4117 Overland Ave., Culver City, California 90230



Different magazine art directors interact with InDesign in different ways. Some are hands-on using InDesign to create layouts from start to finish. Some use InDesign to sketch out layouts leaving it to others to fill in the details. Still others rarely touch the program we all know and love but know enough about InDesign to know what’s possible and when junior designers don't get it just right.


For LAIDUG’s 14th Anniversary, we are bringing together a diverse panel of magazine art directors—Randy Dunbar of SoCal, Stephen Kamifuji of Genlux, and Keely Brittles of California Wedding Day, Seattle Bride and Oregon Bride—to shed light on the manner in which they interact with InDesign. This special meeting presents a rare opportunity to see how magazine art directors do what they do to create their own unique brand of publication magic. (It’s also your opportunity snag some free magazines.)



Farthest Attendee


The bona fide LAIDUG member who travels the farthest specifically to attend the meeting will receive her or his choice of any one deal at MightyDeals up to $50.00. MightyDeals offers fonts, templates, apps, e-books, etc. You  need to prove to us that you traveled farthest to attend this meeting. Having recently moved to the area from somewhere else won't cut it. Be prepared to show us indication of your current residence—perhaps a driver's license or a utility bill. Decision of the administrators of the Los Angeles InDesign User Group is final.





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