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Using Photoshop to Make Props for Period Films (and Field Trip)


Thursday, November 17, 2016

7-10 p.m.

History for Hire

7149 Fair Ave., North Hollywood, California 91605




Richard Adkins will show you how Photoshop is used to make or modify props for the entertainment industry. The evening includes a tour of the premises.



About the Presenter


Richard Adkins is Art Director at History for Hire. In that role, he uses traditional hand skills along with computer smarts and extensive research in order to provide productions with period-correct hand props. Typical graphics assignments include newspapers, magazines, product packages and paperwork of all types. Richard personally worked on Chaplin, The Sand Lot and Yellow, among many others. He has received four local Emmy nominations and been published in “Art in America” and “Art Direction” magazines.



About History for Hire


History For Hire, Inc. is a property house for the entertainment industry, manufacturing and renting props since 1985. Initially established as a military costume company, History For Hire made its mark costuming “Platoon” in 1986. Soon after, the firm expanded to other kinds of hand props. The company purchased the hand prop collection of Paramount Pictures, necessitating the move to its current location in North Hollywood. The company specializes in the fields of music, military, moviemaking equipment, and broadcasting equipment. The company’s props have been seen in That Thing You Do, The Four Seasons, Ray, Hail Caesar, American Horror Story, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and many others. The company provided period props for the television series Madmen, American Dreams, Carnivale and Masters of Sex.





Parking is free in History for Hire's own big lot.



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