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CS Apps for Dummies:
What They Do and Which One to Choose if More Than One Do the Same Thing

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Otis College of Art and Design

Ahmanson Hall Forum, 9045 Lincoln Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90045

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By Alvin Takamori


Theresa Jackson took a subject which could have been a very dry – what each of the 20 applications and six services that make up Creative Suite do—and breathed real world life into it. She began by reminding us that it’s not enough to be able to draw and paint these days, but that you must learn the technology. On the other hand, she was quick to stress that it wasn’t possible for anyone to know all there is to know about any application. There’s just too much.


She pointed out the difference between Creative Suite and the Creative Cloud. The former is Adobe’s comprehensive name for a set of its graphic applications, while the latter is largely a place where you go to download the various applications to your own computer. With the exception of Muse, you do not use the application while online. Theresa noted that initially she was skeptical of the Creative Cloud thinking that all the applications would only be able to be used online.


She pointed us to the Creative Cloud Buying Guide on adobe.com that is a convenient summary of all the CS application and their relation to the Creative Cloud. Theresa happens to be an award-winning photographer, and noted that access to Lightroom through the Creative Cloud was also a major advantage for her.


Theresa described each of the CS applications one-by-one with a summary of their uses. She noted that they can be grouped into print, web and video categories although some applications straddle the dividing lines. She then compared several popular applications head-to-head: Flash vs. Affect Effects, Fireworks vs. Photoshop, Photoshop vs. Illustrator and Illustrator vs. InDesign.


Earlier she had spoken of her preference for Photoshop and at this point began in earnest to speak about the differences between creating something in InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator and why one might prefer one to the other. Not only are there workflow reasons for preferring particular applications, but also variations in the nature of the final output. For instance, she showed how, under certain circumstances, a PDF is composed of slices, while, say, a PSD file of the same image would be undivided. Such a difference might be unimportant for printing a flyer or postcard, but could become an issue in outputting poster or billboard sized images. She closed her very informative and well-received presentation by explaining and demonstrating the advantage of using several applications in concert, on the same job, each doing a portion it using the program optimized for a particular design consideration.


Thanks to Theresa for making the long drive from San Diego to Los Angeles to be the evening’s presenter.


And thanks to Kathleen Marinaccio who moved heaven and earth (including some last minute issues) to facilitate our extraordinary venue, complete with two wall-mounted monitors for the benefit of people location in the rear of the hall.


Congratulations to the raffle winners: Barbara Fier won full access to the Creative Cloud for an entire year, Ximena Outon won eDocker Tablet Publisher, Francisco Ponce won InDesign CS6, Ximena Outon won Markzware’s Q2ID plugin, Barbar Fier and Bonnie Barrett each won 50 Fotolia high resolution photos or vector images per month for three months, Elias Wondimu won full access to the entire Stock Layout template library for three months, Tomas Aispuro won a year’s subscription to InDesign Magazine, and Kathy Sazueta won TypeDNA. As the attendee who came the farthest, Carey Gansert won a year’s subscription to InDesign Magazine. And finally, we had two live actions for non-technology items: Tomas Aispuro won a sheet and pillowcase set, while Ximena Outon took home the charger organizer and plug-in box.



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Thanks to all the sponsors and donors of raffle prizes: Adobe, eDocker, Fotolia, InDesign Magazine, Markzware, TypeDNA, Stock Layouts, O’Reilly Press, Peachpit Press.



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