Los Angeles InDesign User Group

(1) What’s New in InDesign CC; and (2) Aquafadas Digital Publishing System

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Author Services Building, 7051 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, California  90028

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The September meeting of the Los Angeles InDesign User Group was held in the theater of the Author Services Building in Hollywood. Author Services, Inc. is responsible for the licensing and marketing of the artistic and literary works of L. Ron Hubbard, known to most people as the founder of Scientology as well as a prolific writer of science fiction. The space was made available courtesy of LAID member and ASI employee Lucy Hawkins.


 The meeting featured two speakers: Jonathan Levit speaking on “What’s New in InDesign CC” and Rob Underwood speaking on the “Aquafadas Digital Publishing System.” Refreshments were provided courtesy of Aquafadas.


 Jonathan began his talk on InDesign CC by describing the new dark interface that is common to all CC applications. But, like most features, it can be modified to suit one’s taste. He then described the new QR Code feature including what they are used for, how to create one and the pitfalls of creating one incorrectly. He described why one might want to use a large QR Code as opposed to the smaller one people customarily see. Next he covered the new document preview feature and the primary text frame. He spent some time showing new font cataloging and selection features. Finally, he gave a preview of CC’s ePub features, on which a whole meeting could be based. The major takeaway was that the document should be properly prepared with ePub in mind to obtain best results, otherwise text and images might not appear on the page as expected as users display them on a variety of devices.


 After the break, Rob started by making sure we were pronouncing Aquafadas correctly. It’s ah-qua-FA-days and with FA as in father. Then he came right out and said it: Aquafadas Digital Publishing System is a direct competitor to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. It’s a local plug-in that creates digital publications with content suitable for consumption on tablet computers. He identified one of its major features as all tools being in one place making operation of the program easy. Then he showed the tools in action and finished by indicating Signum Magazine and Kelby Media as two major users of the software.


 Following the two presentations, we held the raffles. Lauren Mara won eDocker Tablet Publisher. Trish Weber Hall won FlightCheck from Markzware. Lucy Hawkins won the iDML iPad App. Christine White won a three-month subscription to the Stock Layouts library. Kathleen Raulin won a one-year subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Stephen Ho won Blacklining for InDesign. America Wong and Dallas Dorsett Mathers each one a three-month subscription to Fotolia. Dallas Dorsett Mathers also won a one-year subscription to InDesign Magazine and the ebook “Essential Workflows in Adobe Creative Cloud.” The two Aquafadas prizes went to Lauren Mara who won MotionComposer and Victor Alvarez who won BannerZest Pro. Astute Graphics representative Sebastian Bleak was on hand to present winning certificates to Holly Faulconer for ColliderScribe and Jeffrey Schminsky for MirrorMe. Jeffrey, who traveled the farthest to get to the meeting, also won a one-year subscription to InDesign Magazine.


Thank you


Thanks to all the sponsors, donors of raffle prizes and donors of auction items: Adobe, Aquafadas, Astute Graphics, DTP Tools, eDocker, Fotolia, InDesign Magazine, Markzware, O’Reilly Press, Peachpit Press, Stock Layouts, ThePowerXChange and TypeDNA.


Comments from attendees


I received a lot of great info tonight. I really loved both presentations.


 Interesting topics but a long meeting with both during the same meeting.


 Great presentation. I learned a lot.


 Extra super-duper tonight.


 Excellent speakers.


 Aquafadas was new and very interesting. Jonathan L was a great presenter. Cool involvement with audience.


 Awesome info. Cutting edge.


 I found both presenters very interesting and knowledgeable.


 Interesting content. I'm new to mobile app creation.


 Great presenters.


 It was my first meeting. Very nice. The food and drinks were a nice touch and much appreciated. I really liked the staff. They were very organized.




 The meeting was very informative and the great speakers provided tips, insights and encouraged audience participation. This was my first session and I will attend again.


 Good info but need a little more in depth with InDesign to ePub.


 Thought the presenters were engaging and knew their topic well and addressed issues willingly and well. Overall very good.


 Great meeting again!! Awesome food and great location. Can't wait for the next one.


Next Meeting


There's a lot happening in October and November. In addition to the regular November LAID meeting, we're having an extra October LAID meeting -- right on the heels of our just past September LAID meeting. And Adobe corporate is having a Create Now meeting in October where all the Adobe CC applications will be discussed. Here's a roadmap.


 October 29, 2013

 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


 An Introduction to All the Creative Cloud Applications

 with Paul Trani, Dennis Radeke and Terry White


 October 31, 2013

 4:30 to 9:30 p.m.


 An Evening with Terry White


 November 21, 2013

 7:00 to 10 p.m.


 The Magic of OpenType Advanced Features

 with Travis Kochel



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