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(1) What’s New in InDesign CC; and (2) Aquafadas Digital Publishing System


Thu, September 19, 2013, 7:00 PM


Author Services Building


7051 Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood, CA

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Event Details


Yes, the event details, but first...





The September meeting is not just in Hollywood. It’s in the heart of Hollywood, just a block from the world famous Chinese Theater. It is being held in the theater of the Author Services Building which is being decked out “cabaret style” with several dozen small round tables each with three or four chairs. It’s a great set-up for the food and drink being provided by Aquafadas, about which we will learn in Part 2 of this two-part meeting.




Part 1: What’s New in InDesign CC


For Part 1, Jonathan Levit will demonstrate the exciting new features in InDesign CC including:


• New EPUB Enhancements - Produce high-quality EPUB files with greater control over the table of contents and CSS export, CSS editing is also simpler and you can map object styles to tags so they export appropriately.

• New Adobe Exchange Panel - Source for extensions, plug-ins, templates, and more, some resources are free; others are available to buy.

• New Sharing with Creative Cloud - With the new save to Cloud command, your files (including layers) are accessible on any device, you can share them with team members or clients, plus your changes are tracked, so you can access previous versions.

• New QR Code Creator - Create vector QR codes that you can resize without compromising quality, also copy them into applications like Illustrator.

• Enhanced Print Publishing - Enhanced Print dialog to print directly to a desktop printer or to PDF.

• New Font Favorites - Find the fonts you use most often without wading through your entire collection.

• New Instant Font Preview - Quickly see how different fonts look in your layout use your arrow keys to browse fonts and see each one applied to your selected text, press Enter to accept your choice.

• New Font Search and Filter - Type any portion of a font name, such as "bold," "semicondensed," "italic," or any part of a font family name, and see only the fonts that match your criteria.

• New Modern UI – New, updated user interface is consistent with Photoshop and Illustrator.

• New HiDPI and Retina Display Support - Greater clarity and vibrancy.

• New Faster Performance - Harness all of your system's RAM with native 64-bit support.

• Create iPad Apps without Writing Code - Use the Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, to submit unlimited iPad apps to the Apple App Store.

• New Sync Fonts - Sync with your Adobe Typekit and have them immediately available.

• Adaptive Design Tools - One design, unlimited layouts including: linked content, alternate layouts, liquid page rules and content collector tools let you efficiently repurpose your work for different page sizes, screen sizes and orientations without sacrificing control.




Part 2: Aquafadas Digital Publishing System


Following the break, Aquafadas’s Digital Publishing System takes the stage for Part 2 in a presentation by Rob Underwood. Aquafadas DPS is one of several solutions available that interface with InDesign to create digital publications with content suitable for consumption on tablet computers. Aquafadas’s DPS covers all aspects of digital publishing from content design, app creation, distribution, and analytics. It combines advanced tools with a versatile library of ready-to-use apps, ePub3 export, and a Web reader. Aquafadas’s DPS enables publishers across industries to create richly designed content for books, children’s books, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, and marketing and corporate material without writing a single line of code.


This presentation will include:


• Tour of Apps made with the software

• Overview of interactive content that can be created

• Inventory of App templates for use in iOS and Android

• Explanation of the iOS publishing process -- from InDesign output to submitting an App for review to Apple

• Explanation of free plugins in InDesign

• Preview of how to use the tools in InDesign

• Info on what App template would best suit your customer

• Avoiding common mistakes that get Apps rejected when you submit your App to Apple

• The relationship between iTunes Connect, Developer.Apple.com, and your App

• How to create In-App purchases.




About Jonathan Levit


With a degree from the Newhouse School of Public Communications from Syracuse University in Advertising, with a focus on graphic design, Jonathan Levit joined Quark, Inc. As a member of the training team and founding/lead member of the Evangelism team, he traveled the globe educating and integrating Quark products into some of the largest publishing houses, advertising agencies, and design staffs in the world.


But like so many companies and individuals, Jonathan has made the move to Adobe InDesign. As an InDesign Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI), Jonathan has continued to work in the publishing and graphic design field as a trainer and consultant, both for private classes as well as on-site to help companies adapt and grow within their workflow.


And in addition to focusing on Adobe InDesign training, with Jonathan's expert knowledge of both InDesign and QuarkXPress, he has managed the migration and workflow of companies making the move from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign.


In addition to transferring knowledge and educating his students, putting highly technical information into a format that is easily understandable, Jonathan's sense of humor creates a sense of fun and levity that not only creates an atmosphere that student's want to be part of, but one that is more conducive to learning.




About Rob Underwood


Rob Underwood is an Adobe Certified Print Specialist and a notable speaker and advocate for the Adobe Creative Suite. He is also the co-author to six Adobe training books, multiple Total Training videos, and has served as a Graphic Arts teacher at CDIA Boston University. He currently holds the position of Senior Support Engineer at Aquafadas Inc. Working as support for the Aquafadas Digital Publishing Solution, Rob has helped companies around the world make their digital publishing dreams a reality on multiple platforms.






7:00 p.m. - Meet and Greet

7:15 p.m. - Presentation and Tour (with mid-presentation break)

9:30 p.m. - Raffles

10:00 p.m. - Goodbyes




Location and Free Parking


The theater where the meeting is being held is located on the first floor of the Author Services Building, which itself is located on the northwest corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Sycamore, one block west of the Chinese Theatre. Free parking is available behind the building. The entrance to the parking lot is off Sycamore.




Farthest Attendee


The person who travels the farthest to attend the meeting will receive a one-year subscription to InDesign Magazine. This prize has a $69 value. If everyone is kinda sorta in the area, then this prize will go the person who just had or is about to have a birthday.






• SOFTWARE: one eDocker product

Value to $995.00

Your choice of: eDocker2, eDocker Tablet Publisher


• SOFTWARE: Blacklining for InDesign

Value $760.00


• SOFTWARE: Adobe Creative Cloud

Value $599.88

Full access to the Creative Cloud for an entire year


• SOFTWARE: Markzware product

Value to $399.00

Your choice of: Q2ID plugin, ID2Q, PUB2ID, PageZephyr, FlightCheck, PDF2DTP



Value $349.00

50 high resolution photos or vector images per month for three months. (two raffles)



Value $299.00

Full access to the entire Stock Layout template library for three months.


• SOFTWARE: MotionComposer from Aquafadas

Value $149.00


• SOFTWARE: BannerZest Pro from Aquafadas

Value $129.00


• PUBLICATION: InDesign Magazine

Value $69.00


• SOFTWARE: MirrorMe for Illustrator CS5 to CC from Astute Graphics

Value $60.00



Value $49.00


• SOFTWARE: iDML iPad App for iPad from DTP Tools

Value $19.00


• SOFTWARE: ColliderScribe for Illustrator CS4 to CC from Astute Graphics

Value $15.00


• E-BOOK: Essential Workflows in Adobe Creative Cloud: Design an App for iPad

Value $2.99








Astute Graphics

DTP Tools



InDesign Magazine


Mogo Media

O’Reilly Press

Peachpit Press

Stock Layouts





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