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Responsive Design with Adobe Muse

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gensler, 500 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, California 90071

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Kelly McCathran gave a jam-packed presentation, as usual. She put responsive design in context by beginning with Adobe mobile apps. She then spoke about the coining of the term by Ethan Marcotte and how it applies not just to websites, but to all new media. Kelly showed several sites that handle responsive design well such as the Boston Globe, which coincidentally, happened to be the first newspaper to make use of the technology.


Kelly spoke about grid-based design and the fixed 960 pixel grid system in particular. She then got a little technical speaking about varieties of CSS and HTML, designing for multiple browsers, a formula for flexible or fluid grid systems and view port considerations. She then spoke about pixels, screen size, Retina displays and responsive image options. Kelly also spoke about breakpoints and relative type size and responsive forms.



Farthest Attendee Prize Winner


Mighty Deals—Jay Loteria



Live Auction Prize Winner


Scangraphic Type Specimen Books—Jeff Schimsky



Raffle Prize Winners


eDocker CREATE! 6 month subscription. Value $774.00—Paul Fan

Adobe Creative Cloud. 12 month subscription. Value $599.88—William Gunn

Stock Layouts. Full access to Stock Layout template library. 3 month subscription. Value $299.00—Paul Fan

Markzware. PDF2DTP. 12 month subscription. Value $199.00—Grace Ramos

Expo Creative Asset Manager for Mac from Insider Software. Value $149.00—Trish Hall

Adobe Muse by Rob Huddleston. Value $6.14 to $141.08—Douglas Magill, Jeff Schimsky, Rick Torres

Font Agent Pro 7 from Insider Software. Value $99.95—Trish Hall

InMotion Hosting. Web hosting and free domain. Value $90.00—Brad Hall

DTP Tools Cloud for InDesign. 6 month subscription. $77.40—Daniel Carmin-Romack

TypeDNA. Font management software. Value $49.00—Trish Hall

Adobe Stock. 15 image licenses. $44.00—Brad Hall

InDesign Magazine. 6 month subscription. Value $30.00—Trish Hall

Pluralsight. 1 month subscription. Value $29.00— Wayne Deselle, Douglas Magill

LA Web Professionals Group meeting tickets. Value $7.99—Devin Davidson, Brad Hall, Trish Hall, Greg Saunders




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