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From Paste-Up to InDesign


Thu, July 17, 2014, 7:00 PM


La Cienega Community Center


8400 Gregory Way

Beverly Hills, CA

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Event Details


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Short Reason to Come


This guy designs movie posters.




Meeting Topic: From Paste-Up to InDesign


Designers have been around as long as people have had a sense of aesthetics. From cave paintings to illuminated manuscripts to moveable type to lead slugs, the mechanics of producing design has been a chore. In the 50s and 60s designers set so-called cold type, had photos taken, illustrations drawn and assembled the elements together on a board using wax or rubber cement. The process could take days or weeks to complete.


As technology found the graphic arts industry, computers made it possible to create and present work in hours and at a much lower cost. The paste-up system eventually was replaced by page layout software, the most prominent of which was QuarkXPress. It enabled designers to set type and place imagery quickly and effectively. Printouts were presented to astonished clients who went “wow.”


About this time, Adobe developed Photoshop, Illustrator and other programs that allowed designers and illustrators the ability to create highly-finished work that could be saved and presented at the speed of a mouse-click. Eventually Adobe released InDesign, a successor to its own PageMaker and reputedly a Quark-killer. Now, we find ourselves in an even more radical landscape where InDesign and its sister programs in the Creative Cloud have given us the capabilities to create full-blown promotional pieces, web designs and just about anything we can imagine all in one set of interactive programs. The days of switching between entirely separate programs are becoming a thing of the past.


In “From Paste-Up to InDesign,” Barry Shereshevsky will take you on a journey from print to social media as he shows you how effective promotion of your own and your client’s work used to be – and how it is now.


Come to this meeting if you want to:

• find out about the old days

• share your own experiences of the old days

• learn about the beginnings of modern design technology

• see a paste-up

• see how what we do now can be traced back to what we used to do

• learn how to update your own promotion using today’s tools

• get the backstory on Barry’s entertainment projects




About the Presenter


Barry Shereshevsky has made his career as an award-winning art director and designer. He’s designed or art directed some of the best-known movie campaigns from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest to Rocky Horror Picture Show to Star Wars. His television work includes Rocky & Bullwinkle as well as the Power Rangers. During his career, Barry has created promotional campaigns for nearly every Hollywood studio and television network. Go here to see samples.


He currently spearheads Shereshevsky Design, Inc. creating websites, eCommerce, consumer and trade ads, television, catalogs, branding, social media marketing and all forms of problem solving solutions for graphics in nearly every conceivable consumer category. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Clio Award, Hollywood Key Arts Award, Advertising Club of New York Andy Award of Excellent and many others.


Multi-talented, Barry plays clarinet and guitar and has even taught motorcycle racing. He has three children and resides in Los Angeles, California.






7:00 p.m. - Meet and Greet

7:10 p.m. - Presentation (with mid-presentation break)

9:00 p.m. - Raffles

9:30 p.m. - Goodbyes




La Cienega Community Center


The La Cienega Community is located in La Cienega Park in Beverly Hills on the corner of La Cienega and Gregory Way. Gregory Way is located halfway between Wilshire and Olympic. If you know the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Library (housed in the old Beverly Hills Water Treatment Plant), the community center is across the street from it. Free parking is located in the parking structure across the street on the other side of La Cienega.




Farthest Attendee


The person who travels the farthest to attend the meeting will receive a one-year subscription to InDesign Magazine. This prize has a $69 value. If everyone is kinda sorta in the area, then this prize will go the person who just had or is about to have a birthday.







Value $774.00


• SOFTWARE: Blacklining for InDesign

Value $760.00



Value $349.00

50 high resolution photos or vector images per month for three months. (two raffles)



Value $299.00

Full access to the entire Stock Layout template library for three months.


• 1-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION: FlightCheck Version 7 for Mac from Markzware

Value $199.00


• SOFTWARE: Font Agent Pro 6 for Mac from Insider Software

Value $99.95


• SOFTWARE: Stylism for Illustrator CS5 to CC 2014 from Astute Graphics

Value $50.00



Value $49.00


• SOFTWARE: iDML iPad App for iPad from DTP Tools

Value $19.00


• SOFTWARE: ColliderScribe for Illustrator CS5 to CC 2014 from Astute Graphics

Value $15.00


• TICKETS: LA Web Professionals Meeting

Value $7.99 (four raffles)







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