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From Mundane to Fantastical: Making Your InDesign Documents Say Wow!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Encino Woman's Club, 4924 Paso Robles Avenue, Encino, California 91316




Los Angeles County is home to 88 incorporated cities and many unincorporated areas. At 4,083 square miles, it is larger than the combined areas of the states of Rhode Island and Delaware. That’s a lot for the Los Angeles InDesign User Group to cover. Yet we try. And so the May meeting of your group will be held in Encino, the farthest west we’ve travelled into the Valley. The meeting is being held at the Encino Woman’s Club -- and that’s Woman’s Club, thank you, not Women’s Club. The clubhouse is two miles west of the 405 straight down Ventura Blvd. Parking is free and easy.



From Mundane to Fantastical: Making Your InDesign Documents Say Wow!


Stephen Burns will take you on a journey where you will learn to create fantastic scenes using a combination of photography, 3D and painting. Learn the techniques behind the eye-popping imagery that will make people do a double-take when they see your InDesign documents. In this presentation, you will learn how to build a 3D scene that will integrate into a fantastical concept. You will learn the fundamentals of building 3D structures from scratch in Photoshop. You will also learn how to texture, light and merge 3D objects to build a cohesive concept. Learn which file format you should use when placing your images in InDesign. Discover the advantages of placing your images as PSD files. You will leave this presentation inspired, motivated and with the Photoshop skills necessary to take your InDesign work to a whole new level.



About the Presenter


Stephen Burns is a digital artist and author of books on being creative with digital tools. He is an Adobe Adobe Community Professional (ACP) and an Adobe freelancer and who has taught digital creativity internationally. He is also the president of the San Diego Photoshop Users Group, currently the largest group in the country.


He is a guest writer for a number of magazines, and has written feature and front cover articles for Photoshop User magazine. In addition, Stephen is the author of the following books: Photoshop CS5 Trickery & FX, The Art Of Poser & Photoshop, Advanced Photoshop CS4 Trickery & FX, Advanced Photoshop CS3 Trickery & FX, Advanced Photoshop CS2 Trickery & FX and Photoshop CS Trickery & FX.


He began as a photographer some 28 years ago and, in time, progressed to the digital medium. There he discovered the same passion for the digital medium that he had for photography. His artistic influences include members of the abstractionist and surrealist school including Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Mark Tobey and Lenore Fini.


For the past 15 years, Stephen has been a corporate instructor and lectured on digital art and design all over the world. His fine art has been exhibited at galleries such as the Durban Art Museum in South Africa, Citizens Gallery in Yokahama, Japan, and CECUT Museum of Mexico. His work captured a first place in the prestigious Seybold International digital arts contest.


He teaches digital manipulation workshops online and privately. He is an instructor on xTrain, Photoshop Cafe, Layers Magazine. In addition, you will also often see him as an instructor at Siggraph.





This meeting will include a presentation by 123RF talking about their royalty-free microstock image library hosting over 18 Million+ stock photographs, vector illustrations, editorial images, footage and exclusive logo design featuring various genres and themes with over 100,000 contributing photographers and illustrators. The 123RF.com platform gives photographers, illustrators and designers a chance to showcase and sell their creations to an international audience.


123RF will be bringing goodies for everyone who attends, plus some exciting prizes for lucky winners who are present during their presentation. In addition, 123RF will host a refreshment table that we are told will be a little more exciting than cookies and bottled water.


123RF.com relaunched its website in 2010 introducing a new Corporate+ platform which is designed to give total control of licensing creative digital content. It assists with sub-users performing simultaneous searches, to coordinating content purchasing and sharing. This robust platform enables an Administrator to manage its users, group them into functional teams, and assign them with download credits.





7:00 p.m. - Meet and Greet

7:10 p.m. - 123RF Presentation

7:30 p.m. - Stephen Burns Presentation (with mid-presentation break)

9:40 p.m. - Raffles

10:00 p.m. - Goodbyes



Farthest Attendee


The person who travels the farthest to attend the meeting will receive a one-year subscription to InDesign Magazine. This prize has a $69 value. If everyone is kinda sorta in the area, then this prize will go the person who just had or is about to have a birthday.



Silent Auctions


• HOW Design Conference

Value $1295.00

San Francisco, California

June 22-26, 2012


• InDesign and CS6 Conference

Value $950.00

Chicago, Illinois

September 8-11, 2013






• SOFTWARE: one eDocker product

Value to $995.00

Your choice of: eDocker2, eDocker Tablet Publisher


• SOFTWARE: Blacklining for InDesign

Value $760.00


• SOFTWARE: Adobe Creative Cloud

Value $599.88

Full access to the Creative Cloud for an entire year


• SOFTWARE: Markzware product

Value to $399.00

Your choice of: Q2ID plugin, ID2Q, PUB2ID, PageZephyr, FlightCheck, PDF2DTP



Value $349.00

50 high resolution photos or vector images per month for three months. (two raffles)



Value $299.00

Full access to the entire Stock Layout template library for three months.


• SOFTWARE: MotionComposer from Aquafadas

Value $149.00


• SOFTWARE: BannerZest Pro from Aquafadas

Value $129.00


• PUBLICATION: InDesign Magazine

Value $69.00



Value $49.00


• SOFTWARE: WidthScribe for Illustrator CS5 or CS6 from Astute Graphics

Value $39.00


• SOFTWARE: iDML iPad App for iPad from DTP Tools

Value $19.00


• SOFTWARE: ColliderScribe for Illustrator CS4 to CS6 from Astute Graphics

Value $10.00





UPrinting is giving away a 10% off coupon to everyone who attends the meeting.








Astute Graphics

DTP Tools



HOW Magazine

InDesign Magazine


Mogo Media

O’Reilly Press

Peachpit Press

Stock Layouts






T-Shirt Contest


We're looking for a kick-ass T-shirt design so we're gonna have a competition. The shirts will be white and your design can have up to three spot colors. The theme or text is all up to you. You could include "Los Angeles InDesign User Group" or "LAID" or something else or no words at all. But the shirt should be appropriate for us and not just generic. What does the winner get? Why, a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, of course. Just kidding! Actually, we had thought the joy and satisfaction of creating LAID's official T-shirt would have been enough. But if we have to bribe you, then the winner will get a year's subscription to InDesign Magazine. Submit your design to us at losangeles@indesignusergroup.com or by private message on our Facebook page.



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