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Creating Accessible PDF Files from InDesign for People with Disabilities


Thursday, March 19, 2015

7-10 p.m.

Carson Center

Carson, California



Free Parking


The most important thing, right? Park on the east side of the community center next to the DoubleTree Hotel. It's closer to the main hall where our event is being held.



Creating Accessible PDF Files from InDesign for People with Disabilities


PDFs are “accessible” when they facilitate the use of technology for people with disabilities. As the sharing of PDF files becomes more widespread, more and more designers are being asked to create accessible PDF files from their InDesign files. These include everything from simple flyers to complex brochures. Join Becky Tubbs for an in-depth look at how to create accessible PDF files from InDesign. Starting with a flyer, Becky will walk through the basic workflow of how to set up the InDesign file, export it to Acrobat, and then go through the steps needed to create the final accessible PDF file. She will then move on with tips on how to work with more complex documents and elements, and what other special considerations may be needed.



About Becky Tubbs


Becky Tubbs is a graphic designer and production coordinator in the College of Continuing and Professional Education at California State University, Long Beach. As part of the Marketing Communications department, she is responsible for designing and coordinating the development of a wide variety of media for both print and web. She works with InDesign “in the trenches” on a daily basis and has been involved in creating accessible PDF files from InDesign files since 2008.



Farthest Attendee


The person who travels the farthest to attend the meeting will receive a one-year subscription to InDesign Magazine. This prize has a $69 value. If everyone is kinda sorta in the area, then this prize will go the person who just had or is about to have a birthday.



Door Prize


Future Media Concepts, a training company with seven offices nationwide, will hold a drawing for a pass to any of their three-day courses at any of their locations, a prize with a value up to $1795. This prize is separate from the raffles. No purchase is necessary to be eligible to win.






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Full access to the entire Stock Layout template library for three months.


• 1-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION: Any single product from Markzware

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• SOFTWARE: Font Agent Pro from Insider Software

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• 12-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION: Dollar Photo Club

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VIP Membership includes 99 free images.


• PRODUCT: Spyder Cube from Datacolor

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• SOFTWARE: Stylism for Illustrator CS5 to CC 2014 from Astute Graphics

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• EBOOK from O'Reilly Media

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• 1-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION: Digital-Tutors

Value $29.00 (two raffles)


• SOFTWARE: iDML iPad App for iPad from DTP Tools

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• SOFTWARE: ColliderScribe for Illustrator CS5 to CC 2014 from Astute Graphics

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• TICKETS: LA Web Professionals Meeting

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