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Regular Meeting


InDesign Digital Publishing MVP Tactics


Thursday, March 16, 2017

7-10 p.m.

El Camp

2150 Park Pl., El Segundo, CA 90245



Digital publishing has many advantages over traditional print publishing, but it’s way too easy to waste time and money on publications that don’t launch or don’t sell. Wouldn’t it be great if you could skip the technical challenges and the high prices and get right to publishing?


Justin Putney will show you how to apply lean start-up strategies to get your digital content published quickly and affordably.


In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why InDesign is a powerhouse of interactivity
  • Best practices to guard against time-wasting activities
  • How to cut through the red tape and get right to designing sites and apps with InDesign



About the Presenter


Justin Putney is a designer, animator, developer, speaker, author, Adobe Community Professional, entrepreneur, and minimalist runner. Justin focuses bridging the divide between designers and developers using software and training. His company, Ajar Productions, builds tools to automate repetitive tasks (such as lip synching for animation) and create new opportunities for creative professionals (like publishing their designs in new formats). He created in5, which converts InDesign layouts into interactive HTML5, so that they can be viewed across devices.



El Camp


El Camp is a co-working space with a summer camp theme. It is located in South Bay, a few blocks from the Manhattan Beach pier, LAX and the 405.They said it's "part office, part summer camp, but mostly summer camp."


More from their brochure: "We place a creative focus that encourages the companies that live here to be curious and collaborate with each other and grow their business as well as their client’s. El Camp gives creative companies, each with their unique skillsets and offerings, 50,000 square feet of collaborative space to solve problems and build their client’s brands. You won’t hear the sound of a babbling brook, but you will hear the sounds of fresh ideas. El Camp hosts events and live music from up-and-coming artists, digital hack-a-thons, and occasionally a Manny Pacquiao fight. Whatever we believe will help inspire a curious energy to the campers and keep the collaboration flowing."





The Bay Club, located east of El Camp, is allowing us to park in their lot free. Park in the spaces furthest from their front door -- which shouldn't be a problem since that will also be closest to El Camp. Then come to El Camp and get a parking authorization. Return to your car and put that authorization on your dashboard.



Farthest Attendee


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