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Muse II: Applying your Print Design Skills to Web and Mobile Content

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Veterans Memorial Complex, Garden Room, 4117 Overland Ave., Culver City, California

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Scott Carrey brought a unique hybrid of business, technological and creative expertise to January’s meeting of the Los Angeles InDesign User Group. Scott has been involved in entertainment and technology-based organizations for over 20 years and is considered a leading expert in digital workflows. As an independent producer and consultant, he has worked with companies such as Warner Bros., Columbia Pictures, Touchstone, MCA/Universal, Sony Music, Playboy, MTV, Digital Domain, Sprint, IBM, McDonald‘s, and many other film, television, and commercial clients, not only in the U.S., but also in Europe and Asia.


Scott had in mind to blend these various strands together in a presentation that spoke about Muse from a broader conceptual framework of multi-device content creation and delivery such as adaptive layouts, aspect ratios, engagement strategies for different types of devices and users, social media content integration, and general workflow concepts. Many members, it turns out, were more interested in the nuts and bolts of Muse specifically, rather than how any particular Muse creation fits (or doesn’t fit) into an overall strategic plan.


In addition, Internet access was slow and inconsistent that night so Scott didn’t have consistent access to his prepared visual presentation.


But Scott was a trooper. Taking clues from the audience, he modified his remarks on the fly and spent a significant amount of time answering questions from the floor. Although those who wanted a “click on this to do that” presentation from the beginning might not have been fully satisfied, everyone was able to get a peek into the world outside Muse and the workforce within which it must operate in today’s multi-platform, multi-device environment. Scott provided his contact information and graciously offered to spend as much time as necessary one on one with any member who had specific nuts-and-bolts questions.


The raffles brought a number of multiple winners, reflecting probably that those members had bought more than one raffle ticket. It’s a statistical fact that the more tickets you purchase, the more chances you have to win. William Ellis won a subscription to Fotolia stock photos for three months, Chartwell chart-making font from FontFont and Rasterino for Illustrator from Astute Graphics. George and Marney Wilde won TypeDNA, IDML iPad App for iPad from DTP Tools and a ticket to the next LA Web Professionals meeting. Ludlow Brown won Blacklining for InDesign and Font Agent Pro 6 for Mac from Insider Software. Grace Guarte won a subscription to Fotolia stock photos for three months and an LA Web ticket.


But there were a number of single prizes winners as well. Kerry Seal won eDocker Tablet Publisher. William Gunn won FlightCheck 7 for Mac from Markzware. Holly Faulconer won a subscription to Stock Layouts for three months. Drew Larsen won ColliderScribe for Illustrator from Astute Graphics. Consistently-attending member Chris English and Jim Jimenez both won LA Web tickets. In recognition of having travelled the farthest to come to the meeting, Robert Smith won a subscription to InDesign Magazine for a year. Finally, the most excited winner of the night, hands down, was James O’Keefe won a subscription to the Creative Cloud from Adobe for a year.





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